• Phone: (856) 783-1549
  • Fax: (856) 784-4209
  • Emergency: 911

Mosquito Commission spraying in the Borough Thursday, June 18th between 2:00am & 6:00am

The Camden County Mosquito Commission will be spraying in the following locations from 2:00am and 6:00am on Thursday, June 18, 2015 (weather permitting);

  • W Cloverdale Ave
  • W Woodburn Ave
  • W Clearview Ave
  • Daniels Ave
  • E 13th Ave
  • E 12th Ave
  • E 11th Ave
  • E 10th Ave
  • E 9th Ave
  • E 8th Ave
  • E 7th Ave
  • E 6th Ave
  • E 5th Ave
  • E 4th Ave
  • Wright Ave
  • Kayser Ave
  • Madison Ave
  • Monroe Ct
  • Washington Ave
  • Tyler Ln
  • Grant Ln
  • Ramblewood Dr
  • Franklin Ave     

This notice is simply a courtesy in the event you are contacted with inquiries by residents.  Should you have any general questions, you may contact the Mosquito Commission or refer the public to contact the Commission directly at 856-566-2945.

Should you have a need for to speak with someone at the Commission after hours, you may reach the Director of Environmental Affairs, Jack Sworaski, at 609-352-6438 via mobile phone.