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Pine Hill Police Department Deploys Naloxone Resulting in 20th Successful Overdose Reversal by Officers

On August 9, 2015 at approximately 6:20pm K9 Officer Heron observed a vehicle parked in the rear of the vacant school in the 400 block of Erial Road. Officer Heron initiated an investigation into the suspicious vehicle and located a male laying in the driver’s seat, actively seizing. Officer Heron requested assistance, removed the victim from the vehicle and began providing aid. Ptl. DiGiacomo, along with assisting Officers, arrived on location a short time later and administered naloxone, successfully reversing the overdose. Ptl. DiGiacomo has administered naloxone 13 times, resulting in 12 successful overdose reversals and lives saved. The individual regained consciousness at the scene was transported by Kennedy EMS for evaluation.

Good Samaritan Law $RPTN61X

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