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Pine Hill Borough OEM, Police & Public Works Preparing for Possible Snow Event

The Pine Hill Borough OEM, Police and Public Works Departments will be monitoring the forecast and possible snow event to help make the roadways within the Borough safe and passable. Depending on the duration and amount of snowfall, Borough trucks may plow your street several times. Below are some tips to help make this snow event less stressful;
• As streets are plowed, roll-off snow will accumulate in driveways. Unfortunately this is unavoidable, but to minimize the amount, shovel the snow to the right of your driveway.
• If possible, wait until the Borough trucks have made at least two passes on your street to begin shoveling your driveway.
• If possible, do not park on the roadway from the time the snow has begun until after the Borough trucks have completed plowing your street. This will speed the removal process and help prevent vehicles from being plowed in.
• In the event of deep snow, please shovel around mailboxes and fire hydrants in the area of your residence.


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