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Officer Derek Kramer Recognized as Gloucester Twp. Fire District #6 – Member of the Year

Chief Winters and the members of the Pine Hill Police Department congratulate Officer Derek Kramer for being recognized as the Gloucester Twp. Fire District 6 Member of the Year. Officer Kramer, a long-time member of the Pine Hill Fire Department transitioned to the Gloucester Twp. District 6 Department a few years ago after moving into the Erial community. During the ceremony, Deputy Chief Brown of District 6 described Firefighter Kramer as an “extremely motivated, self-starter”. Ptl. Kramer’s work included assisting in the up fitting of emergency vehicles and design of the Department logo, in addition to his overall work ethic. Ptl. Kramer’s hard work also resulted in the establishment of a physical fitness equipment area and fitness program for the members of District 6.

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