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British Columbia Averaging Agreement

Subsection 1. An agreement on average working time in this section allows an employer and a worker to accept a work program of up to 40 hours per week or up to 40 hours on average in a work schedule of 2 to 4 weeks without weekly overtime. A daily work program in an investment agreement results in daily overtime when the hours worked exceed 12 hours. Workers may also be entitled to overtime rates based on the number of hours worked in a week. If workers work on average more than 40 hours per week within the time frame set by the agreement, they are entitled to one and a half hours for the working time of more than 40 hours. In calculating the average weekly working time for an employee, you count the employee`s first 12 hours of work per day and exclude all hours worked beyond the scheduled hours for which daily overtime was paid. (b) worked at any time during this 30 calendar-day period as part of a Section 37 funding agreement. 4. In the event of a suspension or termination of the employer`s business after the expiry of the leave, the employer must, subject to the provisions of a collective agreement in accordance with the social agreement (3), maintain the requirements for Section 3 as soon as the operation resumes. 3. The receipt of the director`s money paid by a person in response to a request is proof that the liability of the person to be paid under the finding or settlement agreement or the court order is reduced by the amount indicated in the receipt. Subsection 37 (12) This section ensures that s.37(2) to (11) are part of the terms of the average agreement.

Subsection 37 (13) The financing agreement, including any changes to the S.37(10) agreement, must be retained by the employer four years after the contract expires. If the average agreement has been renewed, the records are retained four years after the last expiry date. Subsection 37 (14) The operation and application of a funding agreement under this section is a minimum requirement under the Act and, as such, is not a derogation under Section 4 of the Act. Workers covered by a collective agreement (4) For the purposes of this section, a savings institution is guilty of a person who, under a designation or transaction contract or by order of the court for money or advantageous financial interest, is registered in the Savings Bank section 3, paragraph 3 [if the requirements of this Act are considered to be included in the collective agreement]; b) the timing of the agreement in point (a) iv) and points 3) and c) the worker receives a copy of the agreement before the date on which the deadline specified in the agreement begins. Workers who work under a funding agreement and work over a one-week period must receive at least 32 consecutive hours of work each week. The standard work day (for the purposes of the law) is 8 hours and the standard work week is 40 hours. In the absence of an average overtime agreement, employers must pay overtime rates for the overspend of the normal day and normal week. If the employer freely has hours of work, these hours can be scheduled at any time during the median period. This means that they can be planned weekly or can be planned at any time during the median period.